Airline Manager: Frequently Asked Questions

Hello everyone! There is a frequently asked question in the Application but it’s not clear to many of the players. So here I’ve got something with more detail to guide you through.


Where should I start?

You have now created your own airline, but an airline without any routes, can”t be very profitable. The first thing you should do when you start using Airline Manager is to start a route.

To start a route;

Click Flight -> New Route

Then you can assign the available flights to routes, and then fly them. Please read all the instructions to get used to the game.

Once you have got used to creating routes and flying I recommend you to read the Article “Airline Manager: Tips for beginners” on Tutebox made especially for beginners.

What is important?

The most important thing on this facebook application is to think of a strategy and manage your budget accordingly to maximize your profits. For example fuel prices will vary. If you buy fuel while the price is low, you can save a lot of money.

What is company value?

Company Value is an indicator of how much your company is worth. This is value is generated by calculating of your fleet, routes, stock, investments, fuel, damages, etc. All in all the company value is an expression of how good you are doing in the game. The company value decides how much your stock are worth, and that’s what puts you on the scoreboard. More better you perform better your ranks will be.

What is the key to make profit?

If it were easy to make a lot of money, everybody would be doing it. With that being said, there is no simple key to make profit. There are a lot of different tactics you can use in the game, and if you do it right; you can make a huge profit. If you want to know more about these tactics, you can ask on the board. Or read the article “Airline Manager: Tips for beginners” on Tutebox made especially for beginners. Using my AM experience to become one of the weekly top10 airlines continuously and also to rank within the top 75 Airlines on the game (And I am improving, check Hulang Airlines for statistics).

What is reputation?

Your reputation is an important part of your company. If your reputation is very low you won”t be able to get a fully loaded aircraft when flying routes. Reputation will change doing the game. For example: If you fire an employee, your reputation will decrease. If you give an employee a raise, your reputation will increase. When you earn an achievement, your reputation will increase by 5 points, etc.

Advertising, is that important?

Advertising is a very important part. Without advertising, you can be sure that you won”t have many passengers on your routes. And you should be very selective when choosing a advertising method and the duration.

What affects my stock value?

Your stock value is a direct calculation of your company value. Your stock value is affected by exactly the same as your company value.

Investments on Airlines

Is investments important?

Investments are not important. You can run a successful company without doing any investments in other airlines. However, a good investment can increase your company by many points, so if you want to be seen on the scoreboard, investments are important. But this is something dangerous if you are a beginner. Get used to the game. Become stable thereafter you can worry about spending for others. Maybe I can Invest on your airline if you drop me a request. Please follow and drop me a note; or leave a comment on our posts with your airline name.

If someone invests in my company, is that profitable for me?

If someone should invest in your company, your company value will rise, making your stock worth more. You cannot earn direct money from investments, but an increased company value is your way to become a profitable airline. You should not worry about this at the beginning of the game. But ‘Yes’ when your airline expand to a giant.

I think my stocks drop and rise randomly?

I can certainly understand if you feel that the drop/rise of your stock is random. However, your stock is affected by many different things, as mentioned earlier. For example your stock will drop, if one of your investors sells all your stock, or if one of the companies you have invested in is dropping. Your stock value is also affected by the value of your aircraft, which is directly affected by the market. It may seem the market is varying a lot more than in the real world. The reason for this is because for the game to keep being challenging, the market drop/rise must be speeded up. On the overview page you can see the current market value (Aircraft sale value).

Can I buy my own stocks?

No of course you cannot invest in your own company. If you could, your company value would increase to much more than your airline is actually worth. So it is not a bug, that you can”t invest in your own airline, it is meant to be that way.

AM Trusted Airline

Some airlines may be marked with an icon saying that the airline is trusted. You will only find this in the promotion section. This illustrates that the given airline is one who have purchased the status, using Pax Bonus Points. This also states that the airline is being serious with the game. It is optional for the Airline to use this option.

When using this option there will also be advertising in the mailbox, to promote the given airline. You can purchase this once you have earned 250 Points.


What calculates the passengers?

The passengers on your flight is calculated by three things.

1: Your reputation. With a bad reputation you will have fewer passengers,

2: Advertising. As mentioned earlier, advertising is a very important factor.

3: The demand on the route. If the route has a low demand, fewer passengers will travel on that route. Therefore try to balance them when you plan a route.

Which routes are the best?

There can be made profit from almost every route. A good ground rule is to look at the demand percent. If the demand is high, you can earn more on that route, and its one of the 3 factors mentioned above.

Demand keeps fluctuating

The demand on each route is an expression of the most popular routes in “the world of AM”. A route with a low demand (min 60%) is a non-popular route, and a route with a high demand is a route which is not being flown much, and therefore more popular. Selecting a route with a high demand will bring more passengers onboard your aircraft. But remember that a high demand route can become a low demand route in a matter of days, if every AM user uses this route. So it’s a competition against the others to find the best routes. You can check the demand for each route under “Find route” section.

What is pax bonus?

Pax bonus are points granted by very satisfied passengers. The calculation is made from your routes / damages, and a random factor. Pax Bonus points can be used on the Pax Point section, where it is possible to purchase various things, such as salary decrease, business jets, reputation increase etc..

Furthermore Pax Points will be awarded when you earn an achievement, or use the increase function.

Flight Routes

Flight time is not the same?

The flight time of your routes can be affected by many factors, such as heavy wind, route diversions etc. Therefore the flight time of your aircraft will vary a little. But its totally random. Just check the countdown time. It will indicate the exact time the flight will arrive.

Can I change aircraft on a route?

Yes. It is possible to change the aircraft flying on a route, by going to the specific route and clicking “Change A/C”. Note that the aircraft must be at its original departure airport, and that it cannot be flying at the time of the change.

How will catering affect my company, and how is it calculated?

Having catering on your flights, will increase your income from flights. Meals will be sold at the price mentioned when purchasing catering meals. When you sign a catering contract it is limited to the mentioned time duration. If not all meals are sold within that time frame, all will be lost. Furthermore, catering will increase your chance of getting pax bonus by a significant factor.

A catering contract can be ended if you are not happy with the catering service, however it will cost you cash to end a contract. So try to sell all what you bought or wait till the contract expires.


Why is maintenance needed?

Just as in the real world, maintenance is a huge factor in aviation. If you don”t perform maintenance, your aircraft can crash at some point. Maintenance is mandatory, and of course maintenance is not free. And the reputation will drop when there is a repair but once you are done with the repair it will increase your reputation.

How often will damage occur?

Damages cannot be avoided, and they can happen anytime. There is always something that can go wrong. I the real world damages happen too. If an aircraft have had a bird-strike, it must be inspected, even though there was no damage on the aircraft. Inspections are a huge part of the maintenance. Damages will happen more frequently in this game, than in the real world. Again, this is because the game is speeded up to keep making it a challenge for our users

What is C-Check?

C-Checks are bigger maintenance checks that need to be made for every 400 flight hours. In the C-Check your aircraft will be thoroughly inspected for any corrosion, wear etc…C-Checks are not mandatory like maintenance, however it is highly recommended that you perform these checks, otherwise the risk of having fatal damages, crashes etc will increase by a big factor. If you are a beginner this is the time to sell the aircraft and buy a better aircraft.

Aircraft engine types. Why?

It is possible to select the type of engine you wish in your aircraft. At the moment, the type will not affect your aircraft performance in any way. But it will be available soon once the developers finish their coding.

What is market value?

The market value is based on a fictive world economy. The market value is an expression of how much your aircraft is worth at a given time. By affecting your aircraft value, the market will also affect your company value, and thereby your stock value.

What is aircraft registration, and can I change it?

When you purchase a new aircraft, you will have to choose a registration for it. All over the world, aircraft have different registrations, to separate them from each other. So when you buy a new aircraft, you must choose a registration for it, which is not the same as an aircraft you already own. It is possible to change the registration of your aircraft by going to fleet and select your aircraft type. The A/C registration for each aircraft will be shown, and you can change the registration from there.

I want to change my airline name?

It is possible to change your airline name by using your pax points. You can only change your name once per each purchase. You can also change your name by resetting your account.

Uploading logo

It is possible to upload your own logo by clicking on the Overview page -> Profile -> Change logo.

There are some requirements your logo must meet.

AM only allowing logos placed on either or You must type the entire path to the image.

Furthermore AM do not accept logos that contain advertising, like website addresses etc.

Please note that your logo may be dismissed for other reasons -> Bad format, bad content, animated picture, etc


Hulang Airlines

Visit my Facebook page to see the screenshots at each stage.

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  7. Dimuthu says:

    Hi, I’m also managing an airline and my airline name is “hjgjkj Airlines” (I hope to change the name once I got enough pax points.
    I have one question. Do we have to worry about maintenance at anytime? I thought it is done automatically.

  8. hanxlk says:

    Maintenance is important.. because if u dont do so the reputation will drop and also it will give you more and more repairs when u keep flying..

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