All about Google search

Google is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google search was originally developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1997. and it is the most commonly used search engine on the Web. Google receives several hundred million queries each day through its various services across the globe.

But do you really make use of Google?

Basics about Google

  1. Type into the address bar on top of the page. You”ll see a page with “Google” in big, colorful letters on the top. Sometimes, however, Google celebrates a holiday or a birthday, and the logo changes.
  2. Select the type of search you want. (Web, Images, Scholar, Blogs) or you can choose Advanced Search for more complex searches.
  3. Type in the keywords that do define what you want to search for.
  4. Click “Search”, “I”m feeling Lucky” or press Return on your keyboard. Clicking “Search” produces regular Google results whereas “I”m Feeling Lucky” takes you to the first search result of the given text input. It is the page considered most relevant to your search keywords and It will often be an official website.

This is something we do most often and most probably we learn this on the first day of internet browsing. But there are times that we still do find it hard to list down what we really want to see, or we don”t know what are the other search options available for efficient search results.

Adopt these syntax when you need more specific search results;

Related: This string will return similar pages to the specified URL, for instance typing will return a variety of tutorial websites similar to tutebox.

Cache: This is helpful If the webpage you are looking for no longer exists, this syntax will show you a cached version of the web page when it was last visible to google. example syntax:

Link: Returns a list of pages that link to the specified URL. for instance if you type Google will show you a list of webpages linking to Tutebox.

Intitle: This will return pages that have the specified word(s) in the title, for instance typing Intitle:”Tutebox All about Google search” will return this page.

Define: Will return with a definition of the word specified form various online resources.

Time: This operator will return the current time of your location. You can know the time of another place if you specify the location after the time.  for instance typing “Time UK” will return the current time on United Kingdom

site: this will search for the specified phrase in the specified website. Example “All about Google search” or “All about Google search” would return this page.

Hope this would help you to perform successful Google searches to find what you really need.

Once you are familiar with the above search syntax, try to figure out how these cool features can help you.

Answer to math : Type the math formulas on Google search and find instant answers. ex: 1+1

Conversions : This is another very useful feature used for quick answers. ex try these cm in foot, 30C in F, $ in pound, days in fortnight, miles in league, mph to kph, ft in in

Enjoy searching on Google.. happy browsing!

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