Dirt 2 – Game comments and Hints

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Hey racing gamers out there.. dirt 2 one of the coolest racing game you can ever buy and play…. lots of actions on the track as well as on dirt roads and gravel… lots of track locations from china, malaysia to Utah and L.A.. lots of game types trailblazer where you beat times of other drivers, rally and rallycross which is pure racing on dirt roads and many more including gatecrashers, Jeep Racers… some of the hints to note in this game

  • Note 1: achieving massive boost for over taking on  straight  highspeed tracks – for this you need to make sure you use sequential shift gearbox instead of automatic gearbox. the H pattern gear box is hard to use as it requires you to hold 1 extra keyboard button for gear shifting.. recommend you have a second buddy to handle the H pattern gearbox like how my friend and I did… anyways in sequencial or H pattern gearbox, when reaching the top speed in 4th gear you will start to rev.. this is where you should skip 5th gear and move on to 6th if your car’s acceleration is good like the subaru you can over take many cars in a short amount of time…
  • Note: 2: Do not rev or you will loose control… rev on tight turns and as soon as you see a straight after your cornering tight turns shift up quickly to have grip on the surface and power through the straights.
  • Note: 3: do listen carefully to your rally partner or you’ll end up at a ditch hehe.. you’ll know what i mean when you play…
  • Note:4 as usual dont drink and drive or you might just go off the cliff (literary) 😉 …

Furthur information on this game will be given later… right now i gotta go play … see ya all


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2 thoughts on “Dirt 2 – Game comments and Hints”

  1. coewlylew says:

    I wanna try that game too… sounds really interesting…

  2. 3piotik says:

    nice walkthrough… 😉

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