Install TouchWiz 4.0 on Any Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy SII’s truly amazing TouchWiz 4.0 technology can be now experienced by most of the Samsung device holders running Android 2.3. Just a normal hack on your Samsung device to install the TouchWiz 4.0 launcher will do the trick. Your phone must be already rooted to try this.

  1. Root your Samsung device
  1. Download and install Root Explorer

Do this at your own risk. The author holds no responsibility if you bricked or damaged your device during the process.

  • Start Root Explorer and mount the system as R/W
  • Place the TouchWiz30Launcher.apk in system/app
  • Place the in system/lib
  • Reboot the device.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy 5

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5 thoughts on “Install TouchWiz 4.0 on Any Samsung Phone”

  1. kurs valut says:

    Thank you very much for that big article

  2. Mr.greendevil says:

    Not working on Galaxy 5. Using Gingerbread by Cyanogenmod7…

  3. za za says:

    Thank you.. 🙂

  4. Gerard says:

    Not workin in galaxy mini. destroyed my gui. only blank screen. no applications. please help?

  5. jshane says:

    same here it destroyed my galaxy mini, it only show blank screen, and cannot install 2.3. please help?

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