What are Application Software?

Application Software is a personal productivity program. This Software allows the user to apply the computer to common problems and tasks an
Individual may have, even if not part of an organization. Often, personal productivity software is sold in packages that contain the program itself, a copyright agreement, and a user’s manual with operating instructions. The most popular personal productivity programs fall into four basic categories: word processing, electronic spreadsheet, graphics, and database.

Word Processing

Word processing programs expedite report and letter writing. They enable the user to insert, move, copy, and erase words, sentences, and paragraphs on a monitor. The programs will have tools to manage headings, number pages, and line space a document when instructed by the user. The software allows the user to control the printed form of the document as well.

Popular word processing applications are Microsoft Word, Writer, Google Docs.


Electronic Spreadsheets

Electronic spreadsheet software creates documents containing numbers organized into columns and rows for processing and analysis. Financial data, such as budgets or monthly income statements, are often organized this way. An electronic spreadsheet could also be used as a grade book by a teacher or an accountant to keep track of the transactions. Because the spreadsheet software formats data and performs arithmetic operations or complicated formulas, it is a valuable time saving tool. Often they come with tools where you can export data to external software where there are extended capabilities to process those data.

Popular spreadsheet applications are Microsoft Excel, Calc, Google Docs – Spreadsheets.

Graphics Packages

Graphics packages generate pictures, drawings, charts, and diagrams on-screen or on paper. Some graphics software is guided by information produced from electronic spreadsheets, Numbers from the spreadsheet can be used to draw bars on a graph, points on a diagram, or slices of a pie chart. Other graphics software enables users to draw pictures. The screen becomes a blank canvas, and a mouse or other input device becomes a paintbrush. Graphics software often enables users to select shades and colors for the drawings. Specially equipped printers can paint the computer-generated drawings on paper or film.

Popular Graphics Packages are Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Paint (Entry Level).


Databases Software that sets up and maintains related data files is called a database program. Database programs assist users in organizing data to answer questions and solve problems. Database software provides capabilities for loading and modifying databases. These packages enable users to extract, format, and print pertinent data with ease. A school’s registrar, for example, could request information from a database instead of sifting through file cabinets full of student records. The registrar might task such questions as: Which classes filled during the first week of registration? How many out-of-state students are enrolled? Which classes still have empty seats? Within seconds, a database program could provide lists of students or classes meeting the specified conditions. Building or using a database requires an understanding of the many ways in which data is interrelated and how the data can be used.

Popular Database software are Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access (Entry Level)

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