Build a software program like’s app.

Note: Read this tutorial only if you are even a small VB programmer. Want to just download the program? Download! – extract and run setup.exe
Happy experiencing :] Bye. Or else…

Few months ago I came across by accident, whilst browsing the net. It is your turn now… please go through the entire homepage and then continue reading this tutorial (you will understand better). Thatʹs NOT artificially intelligent ;D
Hope you are done! Wondering how it works? See, I can read your mind. ta – daa

So actually, how that application works is not very complicated. I exactly do not know how, the reason being there is more than 1 way to do it. But to my guess: there is a certain number of answers stored in a database, and those answers are randomly generated. Yeah, that is no big deal. PS: All are NEGATIVE ANSWERS to tell you the truth.

One evening as Iʹm used to think something with coffee, coding a simple (software) program like PeterAnswers.comʹs app. [without using a database] struck my mind. I didnʹt give too much priority though; just opened Visual Basic 6.0 and started developing that – for the sole purpose of trying to figure how could something like that happen (why I used VB is because it was only meant to be a quick test). However as it got interesting, there were times I worked only on that. Yes.

First of all I developed the basic structure, obviously… along with codes to connect all parts of the program together. Then I started working on the design and did some serious programming: I myself created the images using Photoshop except the background ones, I had to transfer information between forms (with the help of variables) and also ensure that the codes used are simple but still very effective – reducing much unnecessary code. There were too many bugs at one point. I got fed up and left it for a while, focusing my time on studies.

Last night I fortunately survived the coding mood for a long time, where I decided to debug the program and somehow managed to bring down the number of errors to a great extent. And got it all set-up and working. Yaay! The main purpose of the program was accomplished. I know something now i.e. you want the code!

Here you go…

FORM 1 | View the code

Form1 screen shot


FORM 2 | View the code

Form2 screen shot


  • Download! – extract and run setup.exe and check the program to get a better idea of how this whole thing works.
  • Have any problem or doubt with the creation of this program? It wonʹt take a minute for you to leave a comment below. Youʹll get a reply as soon as possible.

@hajara_ Whatʹs up? ;]

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26 thoughts on “Build a software program like’s app.”

  1. Hanxlk says:

    This is kinda funny… but a nice post…
    I had a application similar to this and almost the entire APIIT got caught for it…

    1. ruzeen says:

      yeah, its such a simple thing but gets us to think too much lol

  2. dnwwkezcdbm says:

    Add more funny stuff like this…

  3. Rosario Ploskunak says:

    Have a great day! i like this article.

  4. Gale181 says:

    Need to subscribe to this blog, great post. Found it on bing.

  5. Kulak101 says:

    These tips are so true

  6. Georgie Adelmann says:

    It is good right here. good research. I’ve been looking this kind of details for some time. thanks

  7. Lopera says:

    Great post, i think blog posts like this add so much value to the community.

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  9. Moynahan says:

    I found this article bookmarked and I really liked what I read. will surely bookmark it as well and also go through your other posts later.

    1. Ruzeen says:

      Hi everyone, all links are fixed and this tutorial is perfect. All the best!

  10. Holyfield says:

    i seen nice articles there thankfull to you.

  11. Demetria Sznejkowski says:

    That’s a good post!

  12. Callie the FrontierVille Girl says:
      Awesome, that’s just what I was hunting for! You just spared me alot of digging around
  13. blogger seo blogspot says:

    better information very good man thank you very much.

  14. charles says:

    what happen with the code I can’t see it where it is? the link send me to another page but nothing yet

    1. Ruzeen says:

      We’re working on that issue. We’ll get back to you in a few days. Thank you!

    2. Ruzeen says:

      All links are fixed 🙂

  15. charles says:


  16. Jonas says:

    Hi, I also made a program in Visual Basic just like Peter Answers. I’m going to take a look at your code to see how you made it… You can also check out my program if you want. I added a cool feature recently that make the program “say” the answer through the speakers. Hope you like it. My site:

    1. Ruzeen says:

      The links are not working mann, I’ll update this soon and let you know! I checked yours; my program is pretty cool 🙂

  17. Jonas says:

    I tried your program, but it’s not really like Peter Answers. In Peter Answers, the person typing is actually writing the answer… Kind of disappointed… I thought you made the same program as me. My program works just like Peter Answers but better :). Well thanks anyways for this program. Link to my program is in above post.

    1. Ruzeen says:

      All links / broken images are fixed. Do check the program!

  18. William says:

    More Visual Basic work please 😀

  19. I am glad to be one of many visitors on this outstanding internet site (:, thankyou for this awesome article

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