Basics of a server side scripting language : PHP (part 2)

Haven’t read part 1 yet? Go to PART 1 else you’re good to continue!
In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to echo out an image, much advanced calculations using variables, using the IF statement and using arrays.

Ready? Good! Lets start working.

Echoing out an image
Nothing to worry here. It’s simple; a small change to make from how you would normally write.
echo “<img src=’the-location-of-your-image’ width=’100′ length=’100′ />”;

Much advanced calculations using variables
// { plus is + | minus is – | multiplication is * | division is / }

$num1 = 10;
$num2 = 2;

echo $num1 / $num2 equals .$num1 / $num2
//you need to use a period in an echo function to do more than one thing

echo $num1 + $num2 divided by $num2 is equal to .($num1 + $num2) / $num2;
//what we want to happen is add $num1 and $num2 and divide its answer by $num2
//if brackets are not used it will divide $num2 by $num2 and add $num1 to its answer

//you can change everything accordingly and try it out with any other symbol

Using the IF statement
Lets try a very basic condition first.
//== means is equal to. You use = only with variables
if (1==1)

//obviously 1 is equal to 1 xD

//if you need to create a simple log-in system
if ($username && $password)
Access granted!;
Access denied!;

//You need yo use text boxes and there’s a lot more modification required to do a nice system.

Using Arrays
Arrays allow you to store more than one piece of data inside a variable. And this can be done in another way or two also; what you’ll be learning is the most neatest, easiest and it’s professional.
$days = array(
Today is . $days[2]; //a much neater way | or else
echo Today is $days[2];
//first array is 0, second is 1, third is 2 etc..

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