Running multiple Yahoo messengers simultaneously

First of all, why I prefer Yahoo! Messenger is because I feel it’s simple and easy-to-use (user-friendly). It doesn’t have anything fancy; just the quality coding and simple graphics.

If you’ve got my taste or use you Yahoo! Messenger frequently, then this tutorial is for you!
Just imagine how wonderful it would be if you can run multiple Yahoo messengers at one time. Yes you can. You may want to sign in to two different accounts, there are moments you really need to. So here’s how,

  • Click Start, then Run and type ‘regedit’ (without quotes) in that box | press OK or hit return/enter.
  • Click “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” then “Software” then “yahoo” then “pager” then “Test”
  • Right-click on the white space on to your right | select New and String Value, rename it to plural
  • Double click on “Plural” and set the value data to 1 | press OK

You’re done; close the Registry Editor window and try opening more than one Yahoo messenger. It has to work. By the way, I’m using Yahoo! Messenger 8.1.0 #MyMostPreferredVersion

Multiple Yahoo messengers

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12 thoughts on “Running multiple Yahoo messengers simultaneously”

  1. hanxlk says:

    useful article… thanks a lot…

  2. Imthaz says:

    Thanks šŸ˜€
    Unfortunately i do not use Yahoo !

    1. hanxlk says:

      I dont use Yahoo either.. but better to know.. i know how to do in MSN.. didnt know how to do in yahoo… actually thre was no need…
      anyways thre are loads of yahoo users…

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