Airline Manager: Tips for beginners

Hello everyone!

I am the manager of Hulang Airlines, One of the top10 airlines of the week, and one of the fastest growing airlines in the game. I just wanted to give you guys some tips which can help you improve your game play.

Did you start the game recently? And did it show a rank like 250,000? Don’t worry; it’s very easy to rank up… All you have to do is buy the best flights and fly them on the best routes…

Just follow these instructions and let me know if you couldn’t improve… I will buy all your stocks and take responsibility to help you recover…

First thing is first. AM$ plays a huge role till u gain an airline with 401 routes (That’s the maximum number of routes an airline can have, unless you pay $$ and increase the limit!)

So what can you do to gain more $?

It’s easy just sell your Boeing 737 that you get for FREE.. I know how bad it feels when you hear that, because you will feel like that’s the only big flight left for you but don’t worry.. You can buy a lot within next few weeks… so let go of the love for Boeing sell it when the sell rate reach 88%

Using that money you can buy nearly 6 ERJ 145L. You might feel like they are so crappy but I’m telling you they are not… They will become real money machines when you have loads of them. They are cheap for the Aircraft price Vs its profits. Then decide on a Hub and then Then use website to find the best routes. Fly them at its optimum leve. Most probably you will have to fly them 3-4 times a day. And with that money buy more ERJ’s. Trust me it works.

Then save $$ and DONT spend… If you see fuel is at $400 buy as much as you can  and try to advertise for $8000., there is no pattern is the way how Fuel prices and advertising cost go up., but there is a time it goes down a lot. Wait for that time. To use against your advantage. Its worth waiting with a loss to purchase 7days ads for cheap rate. So that you don’t have to worry for the next 7days..

Once you are done with that catch up with my next article. Ill explain the best flights to buy and what is the maximum profit you can generate out of it.

Last but not the least keep visiting the go to the achievements page and work for the next possible achievement…. That will keep you going and I manage to get 20 achievements in  1 month and all the achievements in 1 ½ months, Also remember not to invest your money on any other airline because you can’t afford to spend on others now itself…


Hulang Airlines

This is my route map

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68 thoughts on “Airline Manager: Tips for beginners”

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  6. hanxlk says:

    @ Gold Eagle Airlines – I just went through your stats..
    Why is your staff salary so high? seem like you have already sold all of your stocks.. but i suggest you to ‘start over’ if you want to continue this game… you are paying a huge sum of salary.. and Im pretty much sure giving a salary cut might help without dragging them for a strike…

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