Why and how-to, change the location of “My Documents”

There should be an obvious reason for anything you do! Likewise there is a reason why you would want to change the storage location of My Documents (as the Title says it all). Leave alone how-to, lets get to that later. Then Why?

It is a well-known fact that if your PC crashes or if you format your PC in a rush (least bothered about everything that is on My Documents, while backing-up the tiny stuff on your Desktop) everything on My Documents is gone. Gone forever. That will keep you melancholic for a while and even lessen your interest to work on the computer again. Agree? Good!

Many of us tend to think: the storage location of My Documents is FIXED. Which means if you have installed Windows on C drive then My Documents is always on C drive, and no one can change that. No, you absolutely can.

How-to do this is a very lame tutorial because it’s really simple but only 1 in a 1000 would know…
Lets go along with these screen shots.

Windows XP

Windows XP Settings


Windows VISTA

Windows VISTA Settings

* (right-click on My Documents, click properties and follow the appropriate screen shot). Click -yes- to the two message boxes that will pop up once you apply the settings. #MyDocumentsAreSafe

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    Nice post Ruzeen….

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