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Mass Effect 2, one of the most awaited games of the year 2010. Released on Jan. 26 2010, BioWare has outdone itself with the sequel of the hit game Mass Effect. Continuing from the original Mass Effect storyline, it is up to Commander Shepard to save the Galaxy again from another threat, could the Reapers be returning or is it even more disastrous than that.

Mass Effect 2, uses a different game engine, bringing the users a greater gaming experience. Like the Mass Effect completed save games can be imported to Mass Effect 2  (bringing along a percentage of renegade and paragon points as well as resources and story milestones). The completed save game of Mass Effect 2 can be carried on to Mass Effect 3. I guess you must be thinking, where is the hint part of the post. Well here it comes:

Choices Made During Conversations

For those who have played and completed the original Mass Effect Game must know the importance of the decisions made during various conversations made in the game. Well the importance just increased a whole lot more. In Mass Effect 2, the simplest of choices could have a devastating effect in the end of the game. One ending would be the blood bath of everyone in the NORMANDY or you could save some of the crew or everyone. If Shepard does die in ME2, the save game can imported to ME3 with a new commander maybe. You are definitely going to need all the help you can get to fight the treats to come, so make sure you save all you crew members for the complete save game.

Do not just keep clicking to pass the conversations, READ them and use the choices appropriately. If you do get the chance to use the red (Renegade) or blue (Paragon) choices, USE THEM. If it is on a crew loyalty mission, choose the more appropriate choice (even from the renegade or paragon choice) because the loyalty of your crew member will serve you well in the final mission.

Choices For The Final Mission

Before starting the final mission make sure to buy all the upgrades(You could do this after making all the crew members loyal) and research from the research facility from the research center (Mordin”s Lab). Make all your crew members loyal and get the upgrades from them as well. Because for each upgrade that is not bought you could lose a crew member. If none of the crew members survive, it will mostly lead to the death of Commander Shepard (Not Nice).

The Final Chapter is divided into 3 stages; you have to choose team members to do special tasks, choosing the wrong one could lead to the permanent death of that character (Meaning that they died under your watch). Therefore at the start of each stage the Ideal choices would be marked as Ideal and the Non-Ideal would be marked as Non-Ideal.

Remember: If an ideal member is not loyal, then its best to regard them as non-ideal.

Stage 1: Collector Base: Infiltration

A specialist technician is needed to infiltrate through the stations ventilation system to gain access to the central door and allow the teams to infiltrate the station.

Ideal: Legion / Tali

Non-Ideal: Anybody else… trust me it does not look nice when the technician gets shot in the head while closing the door.

Leader for the second team. Well for me this was an easy choice, all i had to think was who would be a better leader.

Ideal: Garrus / Miranda / Jacob

Non-Ideal: Anybody else… i think the technician gets killed if you choose the wrong person. (Better not risk it :P)

And for your own team… well anyone with the abilities warp or incinerate as you would be fighting Harbingers, Combat Drones and a good number of Collector Assassins, who all have the  `Biotic Barriers` (well in the harder difficulties).

Well the rest of this stage depends on your combat abilities and decision making.

And when you have to make the next choice, the choices would be:

Stage 2: Collector Base: Long Walk

A biotic specialist is needed in this stage to prevent your team from getting `stung` from the Collector Swarms.

Ideal: Samantha/Monorith (Depending on who you kept alive) / Miranda

Non-Ideal: Anybody else. If you do go for this `anybody else` choice for kicks on of your team members would be swept of their feet, literally, by the collector swarm.

Leader for Secondary Team

Ideal: Garrus / Jacob / Miranda

Non-Ideal: Anybody else. I personally chose Garrus to be the team leader always. But my guess is that the team leader dies if it was anyone else. PS. I heard that Miranda would survive this stage as the leader even if she was not loyal…

Escort to take the crew back to the Normandy.

Ideal: Mordin.

Non-Deal: No One / Anyone else. Choose no one the crew dies, choose anybody else Mordin has a high possibility of dying in the stage to come (makes you wonder what he did in the special forces :-P)

Your Team

Anyone who would kick Drones, Harbinger, Assassins, waves of Husks and Abominations, and one Scion butt.

Stage 3: The Final Battle

Well this is the final team pick you got.. and they stick with u to the end…(if they are loyal bwahahaha :P)

Ideal : Think they should be loyal and less suited for defensive task…. hmmm that would be Mordin, Jack, Legion and Tali.

Non-Ideal : This is a no brainer.. Squad members who are not loyal. They will die even if you manage to kill the reaper kid who looks like a human skeleton(<- That was a spoiler hehe =P).

oh and by the way.. ammo is very scarce… so just do not go shooting everything that moves with a bazillion bullets… 2-3 bullets would be just fine.. use your powers well grasshoppers..

aite thats the end of this help… more games, more hints coming soon… keep visiting

Diablodelux Over & Out

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  1. ish says:

    yes one of the awesome games 😀 MASS EFFECT 2.. cant wait for Mass effect 3 in 2011 though

  2. isham says:

    my commander didnt die :D… and only one member died who is the ugly and scary women jacky.. she was holding some door at the end or something… anyways hehe thats my ME2 ending story oh and the illusive man was really pissed for not keeping the facility to help against the reapers.. hope it wont effect big time when the reapers get here or else iam so dead 🙁

  3. diablodelux says:

    well if you wait for a bit longer you would get hints about who you should use for the final mission… you could save your whole crew… i’m sure Jacky was shot on the head. I saved my whole crew, destroyed the facility and pissed off the illusive man…

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