Haven’t tried Linux yet?

Linux is an amazing operating system and when you start using it you will feel like you rule your PC… Main reason is that you can do anything you want without seeing all the annoying warnings and restrictions you see on windows…
Tip: You can even delete the system files while the OS is running.. It won’t say anything but it might not work when you on for the next time :p
but if you know what you are doing then you will feel like your computer is yours only!
First of all we should clear our minds to call the OS as GNU/Linux because that’s the origin and how this open source operating system is built.

Anyway getting back to the topic you can Install GNU/Linux while you have your existing OS.. When you boot (Switch on) the computer, it will ask which OS you want to use and then you can select your preferred one… this is called dual boot.

But if you have never used GNU/Linux before I recommend you to get some help from someone who has installed before or try a tutorial because you might end up replacing your existing OS.

Or you have an alternative option for the users who don’t want to install it at all, that can be done using GNU/Linux on Live CDs where you just have to insert the CD to the ROM and restart the computer and select liveCD then it will work on basic Linux environment… (It’s much slow than installed Linux but faster than Vista :p)

Some Linux versions like Ubuntu give the option to install like normal software where you install on the PC and uninstall it if you don’t like it… It will install on your program files and it won’t harm any of your windows files. When you restart the computer it will work like you have installed Linux as dual boot like I’ve mentioned above, and disappear forever if you uninstall it from the uninstall options in your windows control panel.

If you are a starter who is new to GNU/Linux start with Mandriva you will see it’s almost like Windows but when you use it you will explore the extra features available and also get used to the GNU/Linux environment… It’s freely available for download at

If you have problems with downloading then you can try where they will send the CDs to your doorstep for free or if u can’t await you can download the ISO file and burn it to a CD and use it.
Explore the world of open source. To make day to day computing more adventures and an enjoyable experience.

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