Internet – The Sri Lankan URL Shortener is a URL shortener introduced to support Sri Lankan Social Media Freaks while preserving its value to reflect the true Sri Lankan spirit. There are many URL shorteners out there. But stands as the only LK domained URL shortener functional right now which let Sri Lankans to shorten their URLs while reflecting their values attached to their country. is featured with facilities such as:

  • Keeping the URLs short as possible where it appears as
  • URLs are case insensitive which makes it user friendly
  • Support the widely used social media platforms such as:
    • Twitter for instant shorten URL postings while allowing the user to customize tweets.
    • Instant sharing of URLs on Facebook once the URL is shortened
    • Instant submission of URLs to Digg and
    • Bookmarking of the shortened URLs can be done through Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks,
  • Support to third party applications such as

After all is a Sri Lankan product which is created for the use of Sri Lankan Social Media users with the mission of taking the true spirit of Sri Lankan Social Media to the world. I invite all Sri Lankan bloggers to use in their URL shortening activities and reflect the Sri Lankan value on the World Wide Web.






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8 thoughts on “ – The Sri Lankan URL Shortener”

  1. Hasitha_K says:

    this won’t take true spirit of Sri Lankan Social Media to the world.. stop trying to add terms like Sri Lankan spirit to everything..who is behind this site anyways ? I remember there was this and they too wanted to promote the true Sri lankan spirit o what ever,,. but I guess the web masters parents must have refused to pay the bills.Site went down with all the shortened links.
    btw four letters are still too long for a link shortner .. would be more like it…

    1. Hajara says:

      Your comments are always welcome and thank you for commenting..

      We understand that you are entitled to have your opinion about or this post but since is the only url shortner to be found from Sri Lanka we thought that we should shed some light to its cause.

      At the end of the day its always up to you to decide which shortner to use..


    2. says:

      First of all is not but we have already contact the admin’s of Kota and requested the domain & the database so that we can maintain it behalf of them and minimize the damage it has made for the people who had faith in local services. is running without any advertisements and free of charge, maybe will get its alias soon when the admin’s have more money to spend for their hobbies 😉

      A small doubt, Why do you look at the prefix when the suffix is way shorter than any other link shortner? besides the overall length is less than or equal to other leading shortners.

      ex : Lets take the current post “” as an example and analyze the default results. [19 char] [19 char] [19 char] [20 char] [26 char]

      Sometimes things look much better when you change the way you look at them.. no offense..
      Thanks for your comments..

  2. Hasitha_K says:

    Question is, if was owned by some1 else than the admins of this Site, will u post about it? if so I encourage you’ol to find more unique services like this and write about them (I did a quick look around and couldn’t find anything about any other site)

    1. Hajara says:

      we would like to write ‘if’ there was a request or would publish if you can write for us..

    2. is maintained by undergraduates who has spare time to share their knowledge, make awareness about things they know and passionate about teaching others what they know..

      If you think you are one of them, you are more than welcome to join the crew, contribute to the site and get help from the fellow authors, etc..

      Thanks for your interest in our site.. Keep reading..

  3. Sameera | සමීර (@sameerawim) says:

    Guys, is another Sri Lankan URL shortner which was developed by Sudaththa Ariyasena (@sudaththa) Feel free to use it s well! Cheers!

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