How to Add Human Factors in Virtual Communication.

The invention of the Internet has led many businesses into a world, where virtual communication with customers may be the only communication available to them. Customers go to business websites to search for information, contact the business and place orders for products or services. So basically organizations at present are only a few clicks away from its customers. This reality makes it absolutely crucial for various organizations to maintain standards and up to date information in all methods of virtual communication, including social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Tumblr.

Thereby, taking the following steps to add human factors in virtual communication will unquestionably add value to the customer’s experience. Which in term will bring in more business.

  • Add a video to the website.

Adding a video to the main site of the organization for its visitors to play that will welcome visitors to the site and provide a quick overview of what they can find on the site and where to find it, will prove to very effective. It is important to keep the video short for a maximum of two minutes and make it very innovative. Service-based businesses especially could use the video to allow visitors to connect with the service provider and get a feel for the provider’s personality and an overall sense of how the company will benefit them.

  • Include photos and bios.

Through the inclusion of profiles and bios convey the human side of the business. This means to include the professional bios for the top executives of the corporation. This could include head shots and a short message written by the corporate heads describing the professional experience as it relates to the business to add a personal touch. This helps visitors connect with the organization and the people running it,

  • Create and maintain a business blog.

Blogs can share information that is written from a first hand point of view. Communicating with visitors by sharing stories and experiences they can relate to helps create a human side to the business. Employee blogs are a way to interact with current customers and prospective ones.

  • Provide sufficient methods to receive feedback.

Providing a chat service, Email, phone lines is vital in virtual communication. It is also important to man these modes of communication at all times and provide prompt answers.

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  1. Sylvitan says:

    Hello ! I’m new on this forum, hope to talk to you soon 🙂

  2. Sylvitans says:

    Hello ! I’m new on this forum, hope to talk to you soon 🙂

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