What is an Avatar?

Want to see yourself or a stand-in for yourself on your computer screen? Then try using a kind of cyber persona called an avatar. An avatar is either a graphical image of you or someone else on a computer screen or a graphical personification of a computer or process that’s running on a computer.

Avatar as yourself or others : The on-screen version of yourself could be anything from a human form to a pair of cowboy boots with lips or maybe the subscribers participating in online chat rooms, which are furnished like cartoon stage sets, can get together with other users, each of whom can construct an avatar from a variety of heads, clothing, shoes, and even animal identities.


Avatars representing a process : The driving force behind avatars is the ongoing search for an interface that’s easier and more comfortable to use. As an example if you take a design that represent computer controlled avatars for agents, helpdesk operators, or billing support. Instead of faces or personifications, it may be better to use pictures of notepads, checkbooks, and similar objects.


Before I end this post I would like to introduce you all to the Gravatar project. Where you can have an avatar that can automatically associate with your email address wherever you use it and simply change all the avatars from one place. Most of the website developers such as wordpress are using this service and I am sure you should have a look at it too if you are active in forums, and blogs.


Watch the following video for better understanding.



Read this post for more deatails on Managing your Gravatar


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