Airline Manager : You can be on top10 tooo

Yeah It is possible… I stared this game in November and I was someone like you.. was on the boards… was experimenting on many things.. and finally here I am with you!

The only secret behind is learn to save…

Until I reached top20 I had only 450 A380”s in my fleet… The ones i fly and then used to replace when others go to C-check and before that I had IL96-400”s which was a nice deal except for the fuel.. but if u can afford to buy fuel at $400 its not a problem, its cheap and an unknown A380 for new players…..

When I started I always loved Russian flights.. ATRs ERJs was my favorite… I don”t know if there is something behind.. when i bought them the staff hardly went on strike too.. Check my awards.. I don”t have those awards yet.. and I always visited the staff page before flying and gave a raise when they start talking 😉

then when i was being able to afford I stared buying A380”s everyday and replaced my IL96 fleet… I can remember the first day i bought that A380…

Everyone else had this hunger to buy more and more A380”s to raise company value.. but I didn”t want to do it… I stopped at 450 A380”s… and kept saving $$$

and of course I have to thank my best friend Hajara Saleeth… who was also playing this game with me.. who introduced the game to me… who sent my flights when I am at Sleep and when i was at lectures also when I was away on trips….

Just do a small math… I want to give you an Idea about how much money I saved…

If you have parked 100 A380”s you are paying the parking fee of 1 A380 per day…
and In addition when you have 100 more you are paying them salary toooo….

and once you reach the 401 routes range you will have money to buy more than 1 A380 a day.. which is a duh factor…

which means with a loyal staff that hardly go on strike.. and with efficient fuel & Ad purchasing.. you can fly high…

Correct me If I am wrong.. Have you ever seen the top10 guys or top20… on weekly top10 ever??? wel lets make it except for me 😛

The underline truth is;
The new players have got more knowledge about the game than the old big guys… and one day its gonna be us taking over the rest…..

My goal is to become the #1 airline and then empty my cash in the bank which will be like 1000 A380”s at once basically $1200+ share price lead and retire from this game for few months… and start back like a phoenix again trying to take up the challenge the new top10 players….

You can always ask me if you need any help… just keep these this in mind..
Keep saving & Be patient…


London Empire Airlines (AKA Hulang Airlines)

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22 thoughts on “Airline Manager : You can be on top10 tooo”

  1. sasha says:

    Strategies are made available to public.. Hope this will help beginners a lot 😀

  2. hanxlk says:

    Need more challenge 😉

    Game is becoming boring….

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