Airline Manager : Loan System!

Wish AM had a feature to give loans or donations to other airlines and increase company value…


# Once you hit 401/450 route barrier then airlines loose the value for their money in the bank.. so what they do is use them to optimize aircraft”s.

# Once they have replace the entire fleet with their favourite Aircraft which is A380 most of the time they don”t have anything else to do but fly them on time to earn more increase the company value.

# Investing on other airlines wont work because there is a purchase limit. And increasing the limit won’t work because what it can basically do is increase the AM$ which will lead them to have more money and fall into the same trouble.


The only way to get rid of the extra money is to have a system where the Airlines can give loans or Donations to other airlines so that it would help increasing their some rating which will contribute in increasing the company value (Indirectly converting AM$ to Company value)

Loan system might be hard to implement but the AM$ donation system can work efficiently. and AM developers can pick the most popular facebook causes of the week and list them down. so that indirectly AM is also helping to gather people around Causes and make aware of them. or talk to those organizations to sponsor the AM Game so that you will promote their website links.


1. There won’t be extra money in Airline accounts. They will get convert into company value which will create more competition among airlines and break the boring growth rate/ and losing interest once hitting the max routes.

2. The chance of BIG airline with 401 converting them to 450 will go high to make more profits and raise company value by donating them or giving on loans.

3. AM will be more popular with because of helping gathering people around causes and making aware of them.

PS. What I mean by “some value” in the solution section is a title for airline like “Best social worker”. which maybe can used to award achievements such as earning more than 100SP etc.. and also you can calculate the social value like donating AM$10,000 = 1 Social Point.

Please include your comment about this suggestion. Lets make our favorite Facebook game more interesting..

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4 thoughts on “Airline Manager : Loan System!”

  1. António Silva aka: BaTTouSai says:

    I think this is one of those neverending issues of these games… Once you’re top you’re only fighting for first or second place…
    This is not a bad idea but I think that it would turn again to the “same spot” like you’ll get bored with doing the same things since the lones, by itself, are just “more investments”.
    I think thats not the only change they should do.
    I have been thinking on the boredom of having everything done. I realised that implementing the “purchase of airports”, in a way that its not always the same rich companies having them, could make the game more competitive. Imagine the loans and the stock market of airports. This way the game doesnt end because You would always want to have the airports and you would fight madly to get them.
    (Dont ask me how the competition would be because i havent thought it thoroughly. So add you suggestions…)

    This is just an extra thought to your own Haneez.

  2. Haneez Haroon says:

    Its like this.. When you are one of the small airlines you find a way to capitalize and then fighting for the first place is a different story.. and thats how it should be…

    Im talking about Extra money that is circulating inside the game which makes the game boring.. and also it is pointless paying parking fee for them.. do the math if u park 100 A380’s you are paying tax almost equal to buy another A380..

    If there is a way that we can make use of this money thats what i am talking about… the donation system will dispose those extra money!

    But the small airlines can take loans from others to grow fast… so that it would be more completive..

  3. jydtgaxe says:

    Facebook Airline manager already has a lot of problems. don’t think they will do updates… not for sometime i guess..

  4. prian patel says:

    i completely agree id love to give loans so id get it back on stock rising. invest in me please we fly highh airlines

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