Roles and Responsibilities of Human Resource Department/Manager

Human resource (HR) department deals with wide range of activities from strategic planning level to the day to day operations level. Therefore defining roles and responsibilities of HR manager is a quite complex task but some of the functions carried are summarized below.

  • Involvement in the strategic planning process

HR manager gets involved in the strategic planning process of the organization and identifies HR as a core competency of the organization. When HR is assumed as a core competency HR becomes a competitive advantage for the organization and HR manager is responsible of developing the HR of organizations to bring the stated competitve advantage to the organization.

  • Forecasting the labour requirement

The HR manager holds the responsibility of forecasting the labour requirement of the organization in the future based on the future level of sales/production level of the organization. The labour forecast may identify the need for need for hiring or firing employees.

  • Recruitment

Once the labour forecast is done organization can identify the need for more labour in the organization if the existing workforce is not sufficient to handle the future workload. In such a situation HR manager has to recruit new potential candidates to fill the vacancies. Recruitment is the process of creating a pool of potential candidates who can be employed to fill the vacancies.

  • Selection

Selection is the process by which the most suitable candidate is selected from the recruited pool of candidates. Selection is done by carrying out various types of tests and interviews. HR department/manager is responsible of selecting the most suitable employees to fill existing vacancies.

  • Induction

Induction is the process by which new employees are made familiarized with the organizational environment. Once the employees are selected they need to be introduced to other staff of the organization and they should be given necessary guidelines about the organizational culture and the procedures.

  • Training

Once the employees are done with the induction they become an employee of the organization but the skills they possess may not be adequate to carry out required tasks. The need for training arises when the there is a gap between expected level of skills and the current level of skills of an employee. If a there is a training need HR department has to design training programs and execute them.

  • Motivation

HR manager is responsible of motivating employees to carry out their duties of a timely and accurate basis.

  • Performance Appraisal

This is where the employees performance are evaluated based on expected level and the actual level of the performance. HR department needs to design performance appraisal systems to appraise the employee performance on a fairly manner.

  • Rewarding employees

Once the employee performance evaluation is done HR department needs to design good employee rewarding packages to reward well performing employees. These rewards could be of monetary or non monetary in nature.

  • Managing Carrier Growth of employees/Promotions

HR department is responsible of managing the carrier growth of employees where they needs to promoted in the carrier ladder if they are suitable to fill existing vacancies in high ranks of the organizational structure.

  • Managing redundancy

When the organization decides that thy no longer need the service of certain employee they need to be sent to be given the redundancy notices and have to be paid the redundancy charges. HR department has to manage this process.

  • Managing employee grievance

HR department needs to accept the grievance and complaints submitted by the employees about their problems. HR department need to listen to grievance and should come up with solutions to solve problems.

  • Managing complains about employees

There can be complaints about employees regarding poor performance, bribery, misbehavior and so on. HR department needs to hear those complains and make necessary steps (advising/punishing employees) to solve those issues.

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    Human Resources is exactly it says: resources for humans – within the workplace! Its main objective is to meet the organizational needs of the company it represents and the needs of the people hired by that company. In short, it is the hub of the organization serving as a liaison between all concerned. Depending on the size of the company, the HR Department might be called Personnel with a manageable workforce that can be handled by a personnel manager and a small staff. For larger, more complex organizations with hundreds of departments and divisions, the task is much more demanding, taking on a life of its own.

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