Infinity Blade II: Skycages [Weapon List]

Infinity Blade 2 received its best action-pack expansion today and I was so excited with the new weapons added in line with the various other changes to the game play experience itself.

I have listed the unlocked weapons in their respective categories and Ill keep updating when I unlock more. If you guys happen to unlock any please do send me a screenshot and ill add them to the list below.

Lets go through each category.

The Light Weapons





The Heavy Weapons


The Dual Weapons


The Shields



The Helmets





The Armors


The Rings



These are the weapons in a summary. Ill keep the list updated as I unlock further and also if I learn any tricks with them. As of now what I have noticed is that there are Solar Trans available for each light, heavy and dual with different attack stats. But when you put them into practice they even the odds against the damage it can do with combos.

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