Infinity Blade 2 : Skycages [Treasure Maps]

The award winning iOS game received its upgrade with many Items, Enemies and of course with a lot of mystery. This is a guide to all the treasure maps out there and what I found out using them.

I have listed them below as per the map value if you were to purchase them from the store.

The Vile Map

The Vile Map ($1000) – Helps unlock the Holy Ring and meet TEL once you have equipped with the mentioned items and touch the neck of the dead kings body

Worn Treasure Map

Worn Treasure Map ($4500) – This unlocks the tree in the arena where you can climb up to collect massive amount of gold and also fight against the griffin to unlock the vile items.

Key Treasure Map

Key Treasure Map ($8000) – This is one of the very first maps to unlock. This is available when you climb to the the top of the tower to fight the god king. Each time you tap this it will unlock Large, Medium and a small key during your rebirths.

Victors Spoils Map

Victors Spoils Map ($8000) – This will unlock a stats gem. It refers to a symbol in the arena.

Wet Loot Map

Wet Loot Map ($12,000) – This map unlocks “The Herring” light weapon which looks like a fish with +45 attach stats and 2 gem slots.

Old Treasure Map

Old Treasure Map ($20,000) – This helps you find a hidden large key.

Scholars Map

Scholars Map ($40,000) – This helps you find the dual weapon “Glimmer” which is hidden next to the bookshelf inside the castle. It has +60 stats and +40 poison.

Gruff Map

Gruff Map ($120,000) – This map will help you find a Shock Attack Gem with +250 stats and a sell value of $500,000. It is the best Gem so far to equip with Solar Trans Energy Weapons because of their 10x multiplier to the stats. This modification is important to win against Ryth. Read How to defeat Ryth for more information.

Crown Map

Crown Map ($175,000) – This will help you unlock the Vile Helm Item. You can find this art featured next to the bridge before you have the boss fight in the dark side of the castle.

Arena Map

Arena Map ($180,000) – This unlocks Hazzoc helmet of worth $275,000 and has +25 health. It is available right after the fight just before you jump into the arena.

Dusty Treasure Map

Dusty Treasure Map ($210,000) – This will help you find a heavy weapon. You can unlock by tapping the sword in the statue.

Mechanics Map

Mechanics Map ($250,000) – This unlocks the Wrench worth $75,000. It is a +350 attack heavy with no gem slots.

Bloody Map

Bloody Map ($350,000) – This will help you get to the chambers where the prisoners of the castle are kept. You will also need a Large key to open the chamber. Its to your right side door as soon as you finish the fight after the Dead Kings chambers / Climbing the Tree / Climbing the rock and on your way back to the castle / Rooftop for the final fight.

Note : Please refer the comment section for “Samuel” for a pro advice on how to use “Bloody Map”

Rune Map

Rune Map ($750,000) – It is the most expensive map in the game so far. Tip says “Perhaps this was meant for me”. It gives you the option to choose a random item from 3 treasure chests. Its time to let your luck work but it should probably be the last purchase because it will not be as worth as those instant prize wheels.

These are the maps I have found so far and ill keep this post updated if I find any. You may leave a comment and also send me a screenshot if you happen to have a map which is not in this list.

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24 thoughts on “Infinity Blade 2 : Skycages [Treasure Maps]”

  1. Romeo says:

    Hey thanks for the info! Very helpful.
    About the last one, the rune map, I bought it and now I’m in front of 3 boxes in front of that monument and still don’t know what to choose between them. I heard from a facebook page that the right box is a small green key. Now I don’t know what the middle one and the left one contain… So still stuck in the same room with this 3 boxes lol
    Any idea what they might hold? Did you finally revealed this secret?

  2. Hassan says:

    can u tell me please where is the location of the bloody map

    1. Its right after the Vault of tears or after climbing the Tree, When you climb the stairs to fight the God King (Towards your right).

      But you need a Large key to enter that chamber.

  3. Hassan says:

    can u please leave a screen shot as i am unable to find it

  4. Tom says:

    You dont have this:

    1. Thank you Tom. I will add it to the list. I would really appreciate if you can add some information about the map.

  5. Samuel says:

    Using the Arena map, I got Hazzoc helmet of worth $275000 with xp 32000. Kind of good deal as the map worth $180000.

  6. Samuel says:

    I bought the bloody map at $350,000. I entered into the chambers by using a large key (i paid $750000 at lvl 440+). Then I used the infinity blade to unlock the middle prisoner (by choosing to press middle button). Beat him & without mercy, I got light weapon, Raul of $700,000 value.
    Then I need to buy Widow Shriek ($600,000 worth) to unlock the other prisoner on the right. I again have to beat him using the widow shriek just bought. In return I got the armor Hunter Mail (weirdly small value 90,000).
    I also need to buy dual weapon, Nobel of $600,000) so as to beat another prisoner on the left. The I was rewarded Talon of $700,000.
    So I spent huge sum in this campaign, totaled to $2.3MM excluding the cost of buying my infinity blade, that’s long ago $625,000.
    So saved enought before you unlock the chambers by a large key!!

    1. Yeah! That chamber should be your last destination, its gonna cost you a lot. Thanks Samuel but its always better to purchase that large key before the price go up 😉
      Great Tip! Ill add this comment as a pro advice.

  7. Samuel says:

    Also after beating Headsman, I tapped the guillotine hole and then I got the Stump Maker of 350,000 for which I paid the same amount to grab bloody map.

  8. Samuel says:

    Still can’t use the Mechanics Map as I tap the spot indicated in the map many many times but still don’t get anything:-(
    Help pls!!

    1. Try to collect it after beating Ryth. That might work. I think i had the same issue.

  9. Carrot Man says:

    Samuel you only got HUNTERMAIL?
    I got to this room and got 3 weapons each worth 700,000 one from each of the prisoners. (2,100,000 total definitly worth the visit!)

    1. Even I got only one weapon from the guy in the middle who I decided to save. Maybe you just got lucky 😉

  10. denzel says:

    I save all three of them and they try to kill me except for the middle one I save him so after the next rebirth he gave me a heavy weapon

  11. Potato says:

    Is there a point to the bloody map ?

  12. Samuel says:

    I finally beat Ryth at my NG+ 10 level 586. I think the trick is to parry ALL attacks from Ryth but just build up enough shields to bear occasional miss of my parry.
    I use health and large health regen and even the shield regen for each Ryth’s hit takes away 58 shield points. I use Dragoor scale ring which gives 20000+ health during the game.
    With enduring effort, he was beaten!

  13. Samuel says:

    I think the bloody map just for additional titans fight and reward.

  14. John C says:

    My torches in all the rooms are not lite.
    I am still missing three maps ;Etched Map, Light Forge Map and Scholar’s Map.
    Any help would appreciated.

  15. Samuel Wong says:

    I entered the chamber using bloody map again. This time I beat the centre titan but spare his life. In the next RB he rewarded me the Torrens Legacy of $700K value, attack +1300 heavy weapon.
    I then bot Widow Shriek to fight the right side titan and was rewarded the dual Talon $700K.
    then I bot the Nobel dual weapon to fight the left side titan and was rewarded the light weapon Raul $700K.
    So I learn that it’s better to spare the centre guy to get extra weapon!

  16. Samuel says:

    For scholar’s map, it’s usually available in either of the first two small chest opened when I began a new NG+ level.
    Prior to the 1.3 Skycage update, the scholar’s map can be ‘reused’ again and again when going to the spot and tap the second book shelf.
    Now it’s just used once.
    Etched map and Forge map are yet to find out. I’ll need some light in it.

  17. Samuel says:

    I defeated Ryth again at level 770 in NG+ 13 using two attack stat gems (200 + 137) with hexa gem of 125+ shield pt each magic. I equip shock gem of 215+ only. I mistakenly sold the 250+ gem from Gruff map. I have 45000 hp, 3600 attack stat and 460 shield pt and 460 magic pt.
    Ryth was almost protected full spectrum except one element but it changes in almost each refight. So I just ignore it but equip myself at least with rainbow gem – this is a must gem in all my fight and I’ll make one whenever possible.
    Again Parrying is the king of all. This Ryth is of lvl 7000 and hp of 480000+! Just one hit will almost kill me – taking about 25000 hp from me.

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