How to Play Tegra, Qualcomm and PoweRVR Based Games on Android

Nvidia Tegra is a series of system-on-a-chip developed by Nvidia for mobile devices. It integrates everything onto a single package including the ARM architecture processor CPU, GPU, northbridge, southbridge, and memory controller. The series emphasizes low power consumption and high performance for playing audio and video. Such as; LG Optimus 2X, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2 etc. These are Tegra based devices which has high graphical and 3D features for games, videos etc.

My Galaxy SII too has incompatibilities with many games made only for certain platforms. For an example it’s incompatible with 3D, Tegra based game like Samurai II.

All you need is a 2.1+ Android version on your rooted device. That means higher than Éclair version of Android to try this. But it doesn’t work on 3.0 [Honeycomb] tablets.

  • Download ChainFire3D from the Android Market to your device and install the ChainFire3D driver comes with the application and reboot. Free version would do the trick and no need to buy the ChainFire3D Pro version.
  • Place them on the SD card
  • Tap on ChainFire3D application and tap on install plug-in. Wait for the auto detection and install all 3 drivers one by one.
  • Go to Default OpenGL settings in ChainFire3D application and select Use Plugin > NVIDIA to do a test.



NOTE: Do not expect all the incompatible games to play on the device. Just select the appropriate driver from all three that we installed via ChainFire3D and try your luck.

Make sure to tick the “Reduce Texture Quality” on ChainFire3D and it’ll reduce the usage of your RAM.

Tested on Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy S

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