Infinity Blade 2 : Skycages – Defeat Ryth [Revenge Achievement]

Infinity Blade 2 received its final update with a lot of mystery. One of the interesting additions is the flying object around the castle and the Lightsaber weapons that adds the Star Wars feel to the game. Despite the fact that you have a lot of powerful weapons, you would have also noticed that the enemies are more responsive and dynamic from the previous versions of this game. They are very unpredictable at times with their special moves and when it comes to RYTH, the guy who demands for a Lightsaber in the first place to challenge him has an insane probably 20x time more skills than your stats when you meet him.

But don’t worry after trying few times to take this guy down, I finally managed to figure out a way to kill him in his own grounds.But before you try that you might need a few items to improve your odds against the guy.

Prerequisites for the fight

  • Buy a Solar Trans-LX – It will cost you $1,000,000. Visit Infinity Blade 2 Skycage Weapons List for more info.
  • +250 Shock Attack Gem using the treasure map. Visit Infinity Blade 2 Skycage Treasure maps for more info.
  • Holy Ring – You should be having this if you have completed previous update.
  • All possible Magic Stats Gems equipped to all your items.
  • Health Regen Bottle.
  • Large Health Regen Bottle.
  • Shield Regen Bottle.
  • Disable SFX in settings (Only if you experience lag in game play)


Reason Why I choose the Light weapon is that it is very fast to respond and improves the odds against a heavy weapon because you get to make use of the shield.

The +250 Shock Attack Gem is a no-brainer because of 2 reasons, First is that this guy is using a poison weapon and best against a poison weapon is a shock weapon. Second Reason is that you are supplied with a +250 Shock Attack Gem with the treasure map and you can equip it with Solar Trans Energy Weapons to get its 10x multiplier.

Holy Ring is gonna play a major role in this fight because it can both recover you from your health damages and also hurt the enemy at the same time. It is recommended to have the best Magic Stat Gem equipped to your items to super charge the magic faster.


If you accept it or not you are going in for the challenge as the underdog. So be wise how you gonna attack this guy. My technique was to parry almost all the attacks until my holy ring charges, and then wait until this guy end up with a parry break or a block break. Perform all the tricks you got and return to defense mode.

  • Parry all the attacks until Holy Ring charges.
  • Use Super when you realize that Ryth is going to perform a combo on you.
  • If you perform a supper, charge in and perform a combo as fast as you can and just before you finish executing the combo reach for the holy ring and cast the spell.
  • This should cause 15,000-25,000 damage to Ryth and once done be prepared to block in case Ryth recover fast.
  • Do this over and over again until Ryth is dead and make sure not to charge in like a super hero because this guy is damn strong against attacks.


Please turn on airplane mode. It is not because you are fighting a guy who just landed from a spaceship, I’m pretty sure you don’t want someone calling you when you are about to finish fight or notification center popping up when the Ryth is performing a circus flip to approach you for a heavy blow.

If you manage to do it right, it should unlock you Revenge Achievement and also give you a +400 Fire Attack Gem.



Most of the friends contact me and asked what I was wearing when I beat Ryth. This was my setup. Like I mentioned before this battle is all about patients and full concentration. You cannot make mistakes because no matter how good your stats are, This guy is 20x to 25x better than you. Its time to bring on your defensive actions.

Health 50 *50 = 2500 + 23900 = 26400,

Attack 150 + 100 + 25 = 275 + 1 = 276,

Magic 50 + 100 + 25 + 19 + 120 = 314 + 1 = 315,

Shield 80 = 80 +1 = 81,

Stamina 7, Holy 10 with All element Defense and 250 * 10x Shock attack gem.

The Vile Armor +50 Health, +7 Stamina, +100 Attack with Rare+ Gem

The Vile Helm. +25 Attack stats with +150 Magic stats and All elements Rainbow defense

The Vile Shield. +80 Defense with +44 Magic Stats and Drop Items

The Holy Band. This has Holy 10 which is the best attack and heal in the game so far. +120 Magic stats and Drop Item

Please leave a comment below and tell us how well you did. GOOD LUCK!!

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36 thoughts on “Infinity Blade 2 : Skycages – Defeat Ryth [Revenge Achievement]”

    1. Stephen says:

      I was level 41 when i beat him and used solar ox they give you a wide range of dodging which I found super helpful and it’s a lot easier to get a combos going I also had both health regens on and errin ring which only was heal 3 but i had pretty good magic skill and also I used the agies armor with a gem that every magic have me 500 health

  1. Brian says:

    Okay, if this guy hits me once, I die instantly. He has OVER 500,000 health, is level 7,500, and resists every attack gem type. I hit 750 as apposed to like over 3,000 if the attack gem on my weapon worked. It’s total crap I’ll never beat him. I am level 101 and this is complete crap. I even have a rainbow defense gem so whatever he is hitting me with to do over 25,000 health damage, it’s even without magic. I have NO IDEA how I can POSSIBLY defeat this guy.

    1. This a total defense battle, Don’t charge into him because you will never get across, upgrade your magic stats and keep parrying until he breaks, then perform a combo and hit with Holy 10. If the guy charges to hit u, its the time you perform Super because the moment you press super the guy stops whatever shot instantly.

      Good Luck.

    2. Aimracing says:

      Well, honestly the easiest way to do it is start over from rebirth one it will give you the best chance. his leveling will be lowest since the game gets harder each rebirth. if you start over and and go to the tower to unlock everything else then the next rebirth you can face him at his weakest.

  2. Gun Willtravel says:

    killing him at lvl 100 is actually easy with the right tools:

    Dark defense or rainbow gem
    Block all gem
    On Combo + shield gem
    Titan break +2
    Shield with at least 100

    I used the paga ring for the extra break time and the to hold the on combo shield gem

    you don’t need any health, because if he hits you once you’re dead anyway

    I start the fight with a 4-combo to activate block all. if you are really helpless you could start with a super, or just hold the block down until break

    then it’s just a long, long cycle of holding the block button until a break, then doing 2 quick combos to restore shields

    I loaded everything with +attack gems to make it go faster

    Takes no skill, just a little patience

    1. Thanks Gun.. I didn’t want to risk a 4 combo to start the fight, because the moment you miss it the guy takes you for a ride.. its all about patience and the style you are used to. Thanks again for the tip.

    2. Brian says:

      Thank you so much for the tip, I will definitely try out your method! I just have to collect the gems I need. Do you think I should buy back all my skill points and take it away from health for that one fight? Then re-buy them again and put them back to where they were?

      1. Since I first started playing Infinity Blade, I had invested all my skill points on health. Because I just happened to believe that as long as you are not dead you can fight back.

        Then I equip gems to modify the weapons according to the fight, say its something you cant win head to head, its time to make use of the holy gem with loads of magic stats, say its a long fight and holy cant do much put on a get shield gem or attack.

  3. rixxk says:

    Totally disappointing update compared to Vault. Thanks for your solid information for Skycages. But, no way I can finish it against someone who constantly one shots you.

    Guess I don’t know what I’m doing or have the right skills or don’t have the right tools (but wait I did make it to the ending with the same skills and equipment). So, I’m done. I’ve wasted enough time on this mediocre update with a poor ending.

    1. I killed this Guy and also defeated the prisoners 2 times already.

      Learn to perform a full combo. With that fire attack gem you win with the first win, you can take the guy for the second time with few combos.

  4. Bigwig says:

    Guys all this stuff is too complex. If you parry and doge well you can win easily.

    The most useful gem againt him chnages. Sometimes he is weakest against everything equally but other times (more often) he is weakest against 1 particular gem (I beat him with darkness) but hav since won with multiple other gems. You will need a decent level gem or the fight goes for ages.

    My method was as follows

    Ring: Ring of Man (6 Heal + 2circel and 1 diamond). I only chose this for ability to place 2 defence gems (50+) in the slots. If you dont have powerful defense gems your better off using tome band rind so you can regenerate shield.
    – NOTE the HOLY BAND is USELESS in this fight (and all boss fights). Since the sky cage update you only drain about 1175 health and you rejuvinate aboutthe same. DO NOT USE THIS

    SAVE THE use of your magic and stun for when he is about to do a complex move that is difficult to parry/dodge/block. Or when shiekd is low if using tome band

    Nothing else really matters. long as you use your magic/stun at the right time

    TO be honest i think you guys need to spend more time collecting money and then forging better gems. If you equip a gold hexagonal gem (i have +37%) and fill all diamond slots with drop gold gems you can basically keep opening chests and making money. Large keys are costing me 800000 at the moment and when open one with teh + gem anoumt i get about 1.1-1.2 million. Then i just but anouther key and do it again.

    There is an easy way to make money if you have these on top of the tower you can keep starting over and opening all the chests without fighting the bosses. basically you kill them all then lose the boss on the tower and you restart at the beinning again. this time when you go through the large chests (and all the small and medium ones on the way) are there and no bosses to fight. Im on bloodline 150 and have done this about 100 times. I have 40million at the moment and buy and forge whatever and whenver i want.

    Also once you restart each bloodline you get about 10 gems to buy in the item list that you can forge with. So slowly you buil excellent gems

    I currently have:

    8 x 150-200 attacks – cant use them all at once though
    4 x 52-54 shield
    4- 150-178 magic
    4 x 50 health (which i never use)
    400 darkness, light, fire
    375+ everything else except energy (which is annoying the hell out of me)
    i have coutless other good gems like
    1000 damage on parry x 4 (Triangle)
    1500 damage on block (hour glass)
    150 shield on magic

    so on and so forth.

    The key is to kill all the bosses like i said before, equip a + gold gem into your armour, equip as many +gold drop tiangle gems and repeatedly go through each area and opening chests witho0ut EVER killing the boss on the top of the tower.

    1. Jake Fargo says:

      With this fight, first time around, about level 97, I had a Solar-Trans LX with a 350 Shock Gem enhancement, as much health as I could pour into my equipment, and no defense gems. I also had about 150 boost in Magic from gems.
      Solar-Trans-LX(Shock Gem)
      Shattered Helm
      Aegis Armor(I believe, could’ve been Helio Plate.)
      Holy Band.
      The Holy Band siphoned at least 7000 off Ryth for kill. I was impressed.
      First time I fought him, as a level 1000 guy, he was a real pushover. Didn’t even have to try twice. The shock did around 2000 per second or second and a half, drained half his health in no more than 7-8 seconds.

  5. Bigwig says:

    Oh i thougth id add as well i die after 1 hit as well. I only have 11500 health (6500 in skill)
    But have
    1559 in attack (392 in skill)
    101 shield (1 in skill)
    179 magic (1 in skill)

  6. Tim says:

    I agree and disagree with this review. I based my stats and armor on the outline given but quickly found that the following needs to be done for an easy Ryth fight:

    1. respect to ALL HEALTH
    2. you need at least 100 magic points for stats
    3. equip holy 10
    4. equip “get X shield on magic”
    5. fight Ryth (and die) until he is weak to Shock.

    The fight:

    Since Ryth is crazy awesome, he could hit me like 2-3 times before I died (12k health). I decided to just block (which seems to break him more quickly than parrying) hit him with my sword and then follow up with Holy 10 for damage, health, and replenish my shield. The fight took all of maybe 5 minutes.

  7. Jerry says:

    i made the mistake to sell the +250 Shock Attack Gem!! How can i recover it??? please heeeeeelp!!!

    1. Im not really sure if there is a way to get it back. I think you will have to go for the traditional way. Keep forging until you get a gem strong a than that.

      Tip: Forge low value gems while playing the game, and when you are about to enter a fight with rebirth go for expensive one so you can get a 6 months / 3year time travel 😉

  8. Gin says:

    I never died fighting Ryth.
    I use this combo:
    Rainbow defense;
    +400 Magic stats, to recharge magic fast;
    Holy ring to heal, damage (+14000) and restore my shield using (When magic restore +100 shield), actually you dont need holy ring, just a ring to use magic to restore the shield;
    And the less important, because this just helps to end the fight faster – modify the “light saber” with a an attack gem he is weak against.
    So, just block, block, block, attack, magic to restore shield and all over again till he is dead. Dont let him touch you, or you’ll be dead.
    This combo works with every enemy you can fight using a shield. Just know when to dodge when fighting beasts that bite or shield users.

  9. Gin says:

    Against the boses, take the ‘holy ring’ off and put the ‘ring of the man’ (or any other that heals a good amount) to heal when eventually you were hit.

  10. Jerney says:

    I found it very helpful his idea works great I was having lots of trouble until I tried His method

  11. anadelmann says:

    Gin is Spot on.
    I also used Rainbow Defense, in Magic +101 Shield,
    Stats 490 Magic , 200 Shield, 575 Attack (Health doesn’t matter)
    Additionally I used 4 Combo Blocks all attacks (don’t really know if needed).
    As in my Fight he was vulnerable to dark I equipped dark +400 (speeds up the Fight quite a Lot).
    As I’m on Level 104 (rebirth 96) he had about 500000 life and it still took a while of blocking, attacking, magic before he went down.

  12. Joe says:

    I thought it was pretty easy, I had a 201 poison gem equipped, he was using a water attack gem, I had numerous magic stat gems attached to armor, holy rig, helm and the vile shield, just parry until he breaks and use the holy ring which knocks off about 15000 ata time and it don’t take long

  13. Brian says:

    Hey so I finally defeated Ryth who was level 8,000, had over 550,000 health, and killed me in one hit, and I was curious as to how one actually gets to the new skycages areas. I see videos on youtube on all these knew areas, nobody has said how they got there. Does anybody know where to go to enter the knew areas? I thought after you killed Ryth someone would like fly you there or something in the ship, but after I killed him and continued on to beat Radriar, Ryth just appears again after you kill the robotic dog in that room. So I have gotten the feeling Ryth isn’t the entrance to the new areas… Does anyone know what is?

    1. You have to make another round trip all the way. then without entering the door where you met Ryth enter the other door that leads towards the top of the tower. On your way to the top there is a small stop to collect some gold bags and also have an option to open the door to the Sky Cages 😉 Good luck..

  14. Gin says:

    Of course that parry is the best way if you are skilled, but i’m not that skilled long enough to take him down, so i use strategy to win, take a while but works quite well.
    I forgot to say that my shield (Vile Shield) has more than 220 points, every time Ryth atacks he takes about 50 points until he breaks, so “When Magic Restore 125” is quite useful to this kind of battle.

  15. Mase4x says:

    Ok, I killed Ryth (by the way, I almost never blocked: Ryth does not make very complex moves except for those combos, which can be avoided using SUPER and magic. I prefer a neater style :p), killed all prisoners (sparing one of them’s life once), and got all buyae scrolls. Is there any other hidden feature (like Ryth) which makes keeping playing worth?

  16. Ausar says:

    Your tips for fighting Ryth sucks. I used aegis armor, nodus, solar trans LX and holy band. I used the ring when I got hit twice. And another thing that is I fought him on rebirth 20 and he dropped a 4000 fire attack gem. I fought him another time and it was a piece of cake.

  17. Ausar says:

    Oh I for got to say some thing too. I didn’t equip a single gem to my solar trans lx

  18. Samuel says:

    I defeated Ryth again at level 770 in NG+ 13 using two attack stat gems (200 + 137) with hexa gem of 125+ shield pt each magic. I equip shock gem of 215+ only. I mistakenly sold the 250+ gem from Gruff map. I have 45000 hp, 3600 attack stat and 460 shield pt and 460 magic pt.
    Ryth was almost protected full spectrum except one element but it changes in almost each refight. So I just ignore it but equip myself at least with rainbow gem – this is a must gem in all my fight and I’ll make one whenever possible.
    Again Parrying is the king of all. This Ryth is of lvl 7000 and hp of 480000+! Just one hit will almost kill me – taking about 25000 hp from me.

  19. Samuel says:

    At level 827 in NG+14 I met Ryth again. This time he’s even stronger with lvl 7700, hp 520,000, no kidding. One hit will take up 40,000 hp from me.
    This time I kept the shock gem from Gruff map, 250+, with holy ring equipped as he’s still subject to attack without the spectrum proof yet (unlike other bosses). I also have hexa gem of 111+ shield pts. each magic.
    I only equip one attack gem +170 but with basic stat of over 3,500 and same shield and magic pt of 470 each, and 47,000+ hp.
    Again parrying is the key but I’ve to leave to very pt. for each use of Super and Magic cause the only way to get away from Ryth’s combo is triggering each of these.

  20. Phi AUsar says:

    Spectrum defence gem with a +200 magic and a +200 attack in the Ring of Man and a light weapon is all you need. Block, do a 4 or 5 combo on break and then magic to restore shield every 2 or 3 rounds. easiest fight ever.

    My kit for beating everything:
    Solar trans weapons and Infinity Blade (for spectral defence enemies) – All weapons have +400 elemental gems.

    Infinity Blade has +200 attack and +208 health on parry, +400 fire

    Solar Trans-LX light has on 5combo get 1045 health, +400 fire

    SolarTrans-JX has 414 health on slash, +400 dark

    Solar Trans-OX has +400 poison and 105 gold on stab

    Shield: Kerrak with 3 x +320% drop Gold gems
    Nodus with 3 x +525% drop Gem
    Helmet: Aran with +50 health, +200 Magic, +60 Shield
    Armour: Aegis Armour with +200 magic and on magic get 125 shield hex gem
    Ring: Ring of Man with +200 attack, +200 magic and Spectral defence gem

    I fight my way through the arena to the left then up the tree, past Gargap, then to the roof. I leave at least one boss undefeated (the Archivist) and keep repeating that path every rebirth and at level 97 on rebirth 70 or so I can readily beat any enemy without too much bother.

  21. Phi AUsar says:

    Additionally, since sky cages introduced spectral defence, the holy ring is next to useless. I suppose on later levels with much tougher opponents it may be more useful, but it’s not good for bosses.

    1. Samuel says:

      You’re right it. It leaves the Ring of Man or the Dragoor Scale more useful than ever.
      Also I’d suggest a moderate use of very powerful gems or weapons for it’s more fun to beat bosses with more skills involved.

  22. Panuvich says:

    When I hit Ryth,the shock attack gem make Ryth health go down 1250 for a long time. In a few sec. I use holy band and super and then I kill Ryth

  23. herman says:

    I am level 267,will I be able to beat this crap?



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