Sandwich Model of Marketing : An Example from KIK Cola

“Preface: This post is not intended to carry out any sort of marketing for any organization. It is posted with the intention of explaining the model to users with an example.”

Sandwich model of marketing/promotions involves 3 steps namely,

  1. Positive promotions at the beginning.
  2. Next, provide target audience with negative promotions/appeals.
  3. Finally, cover up the negative appeals with positive promotions/appeals.

Even though this model sounds quite simple, it has many risk attached to it at its second stage as brands are taking a risk of promoting themselves using negative impressions. However, this model is being widely used in Western countries where people think in non-traditional ways. Nevertheless, recently Sri Lankan Twitter users got the opportunity to experience sandwich model of marketing by a local Cola brand KIK Cola.

This is how it happened.

STAGE 01: Positive Promotions at the Beginning

As soon as KIK Cola launched their Twitter Page @KIKColaLK, they were promoting promoting themselves as “Lankan to the last drop” while taking in customer’s comments in to account.

Customers were asked to provide feedback as well as suggestions and this approach was very well responded to by Sri Lankan Twitter Users.

However, with time they changed their approach which resulted in the Stage 02 of Sandwich Model of Marketing


STAGE 02 : Provide Target Audience with Negative Promotions/Appeals

A brand joining #Sajje on Twitter is accepted by Sri Lankan Tweeps. However, a Brand joining #Sajje with tweets which have no relevance to their brand value was negatively commented by Twitter users which resulted in a huge negative Buzz for KIK Cola.

Additionally, being too interactive, too many unrelated tweets, unprofessional language as well as tweeting in unusual times was highly criticized by Sri Lankan Twitter users.

KIK Cola lost many followers and was blocked by many Twitter users.


However, once their behavior was questioned the response given KIK Cola was that they are engaging in non conventional marketing with no rules and regulations.

When the negative publicity was spread, KIK Cola change its approach which resulted in Stage 03 of Sandwich Model of Marketing.

STAGE: 03 : Cover Up the Negative Appeals with Positive Promotions/Appeals

KIK Cola changed its tweeting style as well as tweeting frequency.

Their highly criticized Twitter Profile picture which contained a picture of female from one of their commercials was changed into their band logo.

They started treating their target audience (even their criticizers) in a nice way.

And.. Finally they gained their reputation with re-followings from previously unfollowed users and received fresh followers as well.

This is just another example of how a brand can use different approaches in their marketing rather than having conventional marketing which is practiced by everyone in the market.

( Tweets and images used in this post are owned by respective Twitter Users as mentioned above)

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8 thoughts on “Sandwich Model of Marketing : An Example from KIK Cola”

  1. nisald says:

    well i guess i missed stage 3 because i wasn’t following them back after unfollowing, so finally now they on a professional track ? good to know..may be it’s time to try them again 🙂

  2. Umesh says:

    Nice article Hajara. As usual *faceplam* =D
    I understand the “block” needs to be lifted. Lets see what’s what.

  3. Super! Maan…some of the tweets were marketing suicide! But its good that they are back on track. The tweeter should be shot..haha 😀

  4. Gayan Wijewickrama says:

    Nicely done as always Haj. Sadly they have done enough damage so the ‘sanction’ will not be lifted =D

    1. My comment on that is “Sandwich Model” is not the best way to market in SL because people tend to remember only the bad aspect where as in Western countries people recall bad as well as good.. This kind of appeal is not good for Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, I appreciate KIK Cola for trying something new 😉

  5. deeps says:

    woow….awesome post!

  6. no one says:

    How do you know all your story is not an accident??? Can you approve it?

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