What is #FASL on Twitter?

This is an addition to the post  #FASL – ‘Follow a Sri Lankan’ on Twitter – Let’s Encourage it by @gihangamos.

If you have been using Twitter regularly, you must have seen the #FASL hashtag appearing on your timeline with some mentions in those Tweets leaving you with a queasion what is this #FASL. So what is this #FASL?

#FASL (Follow a Sri Lankan) is a hash tag originated by Sri Lankan Twitter users to be used when they recommend another Sri Lankan Twitter user to their followers. It is very common among Sri Lankan Tweeps to recommend interesting Twitter accounts to their followers by just tweeting “Follow @……” as which is used as a promotional tool for brands as well as for personal accounts. Therefore, the #FASL was originated to make sure that viral marketing of a recommendation spreads to all Sri Lankans Twitter rather than being concentrated only on to followers of a specific user.  It was a concept by @gihangamos which was executed on 22/07/2011 creating lot of viral marketing for Sri Lankan Twitter accounts. Whoever refers the hash tag search of #FASL can find out the interesting Twitter profiles from Sri Lanka and start following Sri Lankans who have similar interests to them.

 What is Unique About #FASL?

Now you must be feeling this is more or less similar to #FF (Follow Friday) has tag which is used globally to recommend Twitter accounts. But the major difference between #FF and #FASL is that #FF is used only on Fridays where as #FASL is used on all 07 days of the week. And, #FASL is targeted at promoting only Sri Lankan Twitter profiles where as as #FF promotes users globally. Therefore, #FASL stands unique among other hash tags that are being used to promote Twitter profiles because it promotes Sri Lankans with the spirit of Sri Lanka as a country.

 What is the Untapped Potential of #FASL? 

Now lets talk about how can #FASL be used for Social Media Marketing and community building on Twitter.

#FASL promotes Sri Lankans among Twitter users from Sri Lanka as well as globally. When there is a hash tag which is unique to to promote only Sri Lankan, it can be used to promote uniqueness among Sri Lankans to the world making people follow their interest from Sri Lanka.

Brands can use #FASL as a promotional tool where they can generate huge viral marketing by organizing campaigns to increase their number of followers. If the brand is good enough, there will be #FASL directed to the brand even without any involvement from the brand as Twitter users are very generous in sharing and recommending interesting tweets/twitter accounts with their followers. And if the brand is better enough the tweets which carry recommendations with #FASL would generate lot of retweets allowing huge viral marketing for the firm.

Twitter accounts related to current issues and trending events in Sri Lanka can attract many followers with similar interests as the people who refer to #FASL would be the people who seek to follow their interests.

At last but not least, #FASL can be used as a mean to increase the number of Twitter users in Sri Lanka by generating more followers for Sri Lankan Twitter users. Many people who abandon their Twitter accounts few weeks after joining Twitter claim that  not having adequate number of follower as a reason for not using/updating Twitter account. This issue can be sorted out by using #FASL  to promote Twitter among Sri Lankans while building a wider community of Sri Lankan Tweeps..

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  1. Nice article.. Hope this will help the people who target the local market and also wont spam the # tag..

  2. Awesome job, pretty good way to promote and encourage lankans tweeps…

  3. Now all the #FASL are retweeted automatically with a separate twitter account intended to gather and unify all the Sri Lankans on twitter! 🙂

    Follow @followsrilankan on twitter now!

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