How to Distribute Recognition Fairly among Employees?

Distribution of the recognition given to employees can have a major impact on the performance because if an employee feels that the distribution of recognition is unfair, they will be demotivated to perform and will be frustrated. It is manager’s responsibility to ensure that distribution of recognition is fair and justifiable. Ways in which a manager can ensure that recognition is distributed fairly and justly are explained below:

  • Be sincere in carrying out recognizing activities-

When deciding who should be given the recognition, managers must act sincerely and should not manipulate. Managers should gather accurate details in highlighting exceptional performance and try to avoid insincerity in his work.

  • Develop a performance appraisal system-

To ensure that recognition is distributed fairly managers can develop performance appraisal system. This system can be used to identify the amount of work a particular person has contributed to complete a task and based on that managers should make their judgments regarding the recognitions given to them. This would avoid people trying to get credit from themselves for works which are done by others.

  • All subordinates should be treated on merit-

When deciding who should be given the recognition all subordinates should be treated on merit and managers should try to promote equality among employees. Managers must try to avoid favoring and every individual should be given a chance of getting recognized if they show exceptional performance. This will allow employees getting motivated to perform since they know that they can gain recognition if they perform well.

  • Feedback from employees-

Managers can obtain the feedback from their subordinates about the fairness of the distribution of the recognitions. Since employees are the people who get to experience the fairness of the recognition process they can provide a genuine feedback on the process. They can be given a chance to highlight negative aspects add suggestions to the process. This could be done formally by way of letting them to fill a feedback form or in an informal way where manager triggers some points while having a chat with the employees during lunch hour. Managers can change their behavior according to the feedback received and try to create equity among employees by acting according to the good suggestions received from subordinates.

  • Figure out who is the actual performer-

There may be situations where other people are getting recognized for a work done by some other person. This is possible where employees work as a group. Managers must try to avoid there kind of situations where he should identify who has actually performed the job and recognize their effort. This would prevent unfair treatments given to unrecognized worker.

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