Training and Development of Human Resource Management within an Organization

Human resource departments typically conduct activities designed to train and develop the organization’s personnel, whether to deal with performance problems or help prepare an employee for a management role. In addition to formal training courses (such as instructor-led sessions, web-based training and seminars), organizations should be mindful to offer flexible alternatives such as coaching, mentoring and job-rotation experiences. Developing employee aptitude involves managing programs such as employee orientation sessions, policy and procedure awareness sessions, leadership development workshops and other options designed to enable the organization to succeed together with its employees.

The basic steps to achieve a successful Training and Development programme is as follows,

1. Configure the training and development department to support the employees who require them. Offering training opportunities to those who fail performance appraisals will encourage employees to develop their professional skills.

Creating executive leadership development programs to allow learning new skills necessary to take on management responsibilities and conducting awareness sessions about new policies and procedures as well as to ensure compliance to local, state and federal regulations, will enable employees to not only execute performance at expected levels but will also give them scope in terms of career progression.

2.  Locate resources to help your employees develop the skills they need to perform better. The management of the said organization must have the capacity to provide the best and the most suited training programmes as per the required need.

3.  Developing customized training courses for employees will ensure results. Courses in communication, customer service, diversity, ethics, quality and safety typically allow employees to function more effectively, on the job.

For example,

  • Focussing on a particular topic such as cultural intelligencefrom time to time.
  • Schedule related activities to promote awareness.
  • Develop templates, job aids, demonstrations and simulations to support employees in working in a consistent manner across your company.
  • Establishing a good image both within the company and with customers and business partners depends on a well-trained workforce.

4.  Provide access to training courses through a Learning Management System (administrative software) so employees can register and access training materials any time they need them. Ensure employees create an annual development plan to maintain development objectives and focus learning on actions that align to the organization’s strategic goals. Providing executive sponsorship for any training initiative the organization establishes so that it can procure the necessary funding and budget allocation required.

5.  Evaluate Training and Development programs to ensure that they are meeting employee and the organization’s needs. Training and Development opportunities typically lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation. Employee efficiencies result in operational cost savings and amplified competence, ensuing corporation financial gains. Learning novel technologies and techniques for getting work done also improves operational productivity. Training activities can also increase employee retention rates.

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