Upcoming 2010 PC Games to Look out for

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Hey guyz new games in line approximatly on these dates looking at games that rock your world

  1. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight  on March 16th 2010 -RealTime Strategy
  2. Splinter Cell Conviction on April 13th 2010 – Action
  3. Medal of Honor on September – FPS
  4. Metro 2033 on March 16th 2010 – RPG
  5. Deus Ex 3 on unknown but coming soon
  6. on May 18th 2010
  7. Half Life episode 3 coming soon
  8. Mass Effect 3 coming soon

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming 2010 PC Games to Look out for”

  1. siddeeqkid says:

    cant wait for c&c 4 and MoH hope it lives up to my expectations

  2. diablodelux says:

    have you seen the brilliant waterfall and elemental additions to the new PoP game…. delicious.. awesomeness

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