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  • The United States has paved enough roads to circle the Earth over 150 times?

  • Rats can survive up to 14 days without any food?

  • Finland is also known as ‘the land of of the thousand lakes’ because of the over 188,000 lakes found in this country?

There are millions and millions of interesting facts that you never knew. They are interesting. Not only interesting they improve your general knowledge. Imagine if you had to browse through web sites to find interesting facts. Lengthy articles will not make you feel comfortable. And it will waste you time. Etisalat Fun Facts provides the solution for you need for improving knowledge. It provides interesting facts about different countries, animals, humans, geography, biology, technology and so on. It is simply and amazing mobile application provided by Etisalat Sri Lanka for its customers to widen their knowledge about the world.

Etisalat Fun Facts not only provides you with interesting fun facts on your mobile in the form of SMS, it saves your time that you have to spend on reading and improving your general knowledge. Not only time saving it makes your life easy by proving fact in a short and sweet manner where you do not have read a lot  to grasp the knowledge. Having a good general knowledge will make you an outstanding person. It will make you smart..!

Be knowledgeable..!

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Type REG <space> FACTS and send it to 4499


Dial 151 on your Etisalat Mobile, select Entertainment Option and subscribe for Fun Facts


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