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Technology Industry is an industry which is subject to volatility where there is a change and innovation happening each and every second. Since there is so many new happenings people are interested in knowing what the latest updates in the technology industry are. Tech News provides updates about happening in the world of IT quickly. Tech News alerts are based on updates about Software, Hardware, Mobile Phones, Gadgets, IT companies and many more areas related to technology.

Tech News is targeted at IT students, IT executives and people who are interested in knowing about technology. Nowadays, Not only IT students and executive, but also ordinary people with an average IT background are also interested in knowing about world of computing.  To keep all target audience up to date Etisalat Appzone presents “Tech News” which provides you latest updates in the IT industry at a fraction of a second. Now you do not have to be wasting your time on browsing and reading and grasping IT news blogs and forums. Tech News cuts long complicated stories happening in IT industry and just provides the subscribers with essence of the news in a very simple language to make your life easy. Save your time. Be up to date on technology.. Subscribe for Tech News..

All what you have to do is subscribe for “Tech News” simply by

Type REG <space> TECH and send it to 4499


Dial 151 on your Etisalat Mobile, select news option and subscribe for Tech news.


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