Etisalat Biz News

BIZ News provides latest international and local business updates to the customers who have stakes in knowing about current happenings in business world instantaneously. Primarily BIZ News provides 05 types of updates namely

  1. International corporate news
  2. International economics news
  3. Local corporate news
  4. Local economics news
  5. Colombo stock exchange (CSE) updates

Under the international corporate news, updates about global business giants are sent to the customers where as under international economic news updates about international trade and major economic decisions of leading countries are provided. Under the local corporate news, latest updates from blue chip companies in Sri Lanka are being sent to customers and the local economic news focuses on providing updates on major economic decisions by government, Central Bank of Sri Lanka and other local institutions. Stock market updates provides updates on daily highlights of Colombo Stock Exchange and announcements made by Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

Biz News targets business students who are interested in knowing highlights of the business world, executives who needs to know updates on latest business affairs to assist them with their day to day happenings at work, investors of Colombo Stock Exchange who are interested in knowing stock market highlights and updates about local blue chip companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in knowing about current happenings in business world. If you are an investor of CSE not you do not have to browse through CSE announcements. BIZ news sends it to your mobile as a simple SMS then you can make your investment decisions. If you are a corporate executive who wants to be up to date about the business environment, just leave it in the hands of business news and they will do it for u.

Shine in the business world. Be up to date.. Subscribe for Biz News

Type REG<space>BIZ and send it to 4499 on your Etisalat Mobile





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