Introduction to Electronics

This is the first article under the topic “Electronics“. Here, some of the basic concepts are introduced and they will be discussed in-detail in my up-coming articles…

Basic Concepts in Electronics:

  • Semi conductors

» Intrinsic Semiconductors

» Extrinsic Semiconductors

º n type

º p type

  • Diodes

» Characteristics of diodes

» Uses and Applications of diodes

Examples:  Switches and Rectifiers

» Various types of Diodes

Examples : Photo diode, LED, Zener diodes and etc..

  • Transistors

» Circuit symbol of Transistors

» Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJT)

º npn transistor

º pnp transistor

» Biasing a Transistor (Common Base, Common Collector and Common Emitter biasing)

» Field-Effect Transistors (FET)

º n- channel

º p-channel

» Operation modes of a Transistor (Active, Saturation and Cut-off)

» Quiescent point and d.c current gain ‘β’

  • Operational Amplifiers (Op_Amp)

» Circuit Symbol

» Characteristicss of an op-amp

» Circuit diagrams of inverting and non-inverting amplifiers.

» Properties of op-amp (ideal)

º Voltage gain (open loop)

º Input and output resistance

º Bandwidth

» Uses of op-amp

º As an amplifier

º Voltage comparator

  • Introduction to Integrated Circuits ( IC’s)
  • Logic gates

»  Symbol, Truth table and Boolean expressions for

º AND      º OR    º NOT

º NAND   º NOR     &   º XOR  gates.

» Logic IC families

º Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL)

º Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Logic (CMOS)

» S-R Flip flops

º Timing diagram, Truth table and Applications

Hope it gives you a brief ‘Introduction to Electronics’. All those mentioned above will be discuss wider in my next articles. Feel free to ask any questions or doubts. I’ll try my best to answer you as soon as possible. Notes are posted in points form that you can understand easily.

My next post will based on semiconductors

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