Mass Marketing vs One to One Marketing

Mass marketing is where a firm tries to satisfy entire market which is full of customers with different needs using a uniform product offer. In mass marketing there is no segmentation involved and the firm believes that all customers have simillar needs and they can be satified with the generic product.

One to one marketing is where the firm offer customized solution by differentiation customer needs and treats individual customers separately with different offers. This is a modern customer relationship management practice where the firm analyse and understand needs of each customers separately and offer customized solutions to satisfy their varying needs.

Difference Between Mass Marketing and One to One Marketing

Mass marketing targets the average customer and one to one marketing targets the individual customers. In other words mass marketing assumes that an average customer can be satisfied with a generic product where as one to one marketing identifies customer needs based on individual basis and offer customized solutions.

Mass marketing treats their customers based on anonymity. This where the firm treats every customer on a general basis and they do not try to understand the customer in full. The customer records will only be focusing on sales records and revenue earn. In contrast, one to one marketing treats customer on a profile basis where the track records of each customers is saved in the customer database. These information about customers are used to analyse the trends and specific need of individual customers and each and every time customer makes contacts with organization customer profile has to be updated.

Mass marketing offers a standardized product to cater to the total market assuming that every customer can be satisfied with the generic product. One to one marketing offers standardized solution for each customer by analyzing their needs separately.

Mass marketing focuses on mass production, mass advertising and mass distribution as they cater to the mass market. One to one marketing focuses on customized production and customized distribution based on the requirement of the customers and they carry out personal selling and direct marketing activities to cater to individual customers.

In mass marketing communication is one way as the mass marketers do no have communication with customers other than informing them about the product with mass advertising campaigns. They do not accept feedback or suggestion from customers. In one to one marketing the communication is always interactive where the customer and the marketer effectively involve in negotiation process.

Mass production focuses on producing as much as possible to achieve economies of scale to achieve lower cost of production. One to one marketing focuses on specializing in a particular area and achieving economies of scope.

Typical example of mass marketing is marketing of FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and one to one marketing occurs at hair dressing, tailoring shops and hospitals.

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