Use check boxes to select multiple items

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Selecting multiple items in Windows explorer could be most annoying if you let go of the CTRL key when you select an item, causing your entire selection to be lost. Specially if you are a laptop user..

However there is a solution for this: Check boxes! You need not hold the CTRL key when selecting multiple items, click on the necessary items and forget that the CTRL key exists!

Click on Tools and then on Folder Options:

Click Folder Options

Click on the View tab and under Advanced Settings click on Use check boxes to select items:

Click on Choose check boxes to select items

Thats it!

Now when you want to select multiple items just click on the check boxes and you are done!

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3 thoughts on “Use check boxes to select multiple items”

  1. Hanxlk says:

    I am using this option now and its really useful to work with the touch pad…

    Helpful article… Thank you!

  2. sasha says:

    Simple.. But useful..

  3. ruzeen says:

    didn’t notice this ne, so far xD great =)

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