How to Change Default Folder Icon in Windows 7

Are you fed up with the idea of sticking to windows icons only, well here is a solution to you people. In this post i will explain on how to change the default folder icon to whatever the icon you want.

1. Go to you most trustworthy registry editor (regedit):

Just in case you do not know what i am talking about if  you are a windows XP user : Start Menu -> Run -> Type “regedit” -> Press Enter.

If you are a Vista or Windows 7 user then: Start -> Type “regedit” -> Press Enter.

Now that we have that settled lets go to step 2.

2. Regedit Navigation

Go to registry path


which means HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Explorer

3. Now Create a new Key Value

Right Click on Explorer on the Left Pane -> New ->Key.

Type “Shell Icons” and press Enter.

(If you already have shell icons just skip this step)

4.  Registry Value Creation

In the right pane of the Shell Icons keys.

Right Click -> New -> String Value.

For the new value created give the name “3” and press enter.

5. Modify Newly Created Registry Value

Right click on the newly created number for the folder type and click on Modify.

Give the full path of the ico file which you want to make as the default icon.

NOTE : You must use a 256×256 pixel icon .ico file for it to display properly in all icon sizes in Windows Explorer.

now close the registry editor. log off and log on…

Voila… you now have the custom icon as your windows default icon

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5 thoughts on “How to Change Default Folder Icon in Windows 7”

  1. Karan says:

    Hey,I just changed the icon with ur help thanx. But it only applies on current User account not on all.Like i am sharing my PC with my brother we both use separate User account, when i changed the icon on my account it was fine butwhen i switched to my brother’s Account the icon was appearing as this so if u have any solution plz tell cause if my brother sees this he is gonna kill me.

    1. diablodelux says:

      Hi Karan, this will not affect users differently as it in in the local machine part of the registry.

      i think the location of where you have the icon is not accessible by your brother. try moving the icon to a shared location and edit the registry once more and change the location to the new shared location.

      this should work out

      tell me what happens =)

      thanks for using tutebox

      diablodelux out

  2. vishal says:

    hey, i hav done wat u have written above, but only some of icons changes their icons , others r the default one. wat i should do to change all folders icons..?

  3. sam says:

    this did not work for me T_T

  4. erngab says:

    With this method I managed to change default icons in the Details, List, Small Icons view mode.
    Medium, large Icons view mode remained old.
    Whether it could somehow change the medium, large Icons view mode.

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