Subject of the equation [Mathematics]

Note: This tutorial mainly targets O/L & A/L students.

I know, we all know making the subject of (for example) x is a simple thing in a simple equation/sum – which basically anyone should be able to do. What about a hard/confusing one?

This is going to be more than just a tutorial. Let’s make this a quiz. I will do 4 hard questions along with detailed workings. First try it yourself then check the answer(s). Ok? Great!


1. Make y the subject of this equation.

  • P = (a-y) / (b-y)

2. Make W the subject of this equation.

  • A = 2(LW + WH + HL)

3. Make ‘t’ the subject of this equation.

  • T = a (R+r)(R-r) + t

4. Make v the subject of this equation by finding its value! (Given that f=6 and u=7)

  • 1/f = 1/u + 1/v


Answer - 1

Answer - 2


Answer - 3


Answer - 4

– thanks for your comments

Make ‘this’ the subject of the equation!? [Mathematics]

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